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Before YouTube, Where Did Artists Post Their Music Videos?

Before YouTube, where did artists post their music videos? The answer is on social networks, but before YouTube, it was difficult to find videos on the Internet. The emergence of file-sharing sites, like YouTube, forced record labels to find new ways to make money, and a number kuttyweb of artists saw their careers take a major hit. Moreover, directors with high profile were also cut back on the number of projects they were working on, with director Dave Meyers dropping from 41 videos in 2000 to freesabresult eleven in 2003 and then only three in 2006.

Before YouTube, musicians had to make do with shaky, lo-fi videos. Artists such as OK Go forged their careers on the cheap, lo-fi videos. Their video for “Here It Goes Again” featured a complicated dance routine filmed on treadmills. As the internet evolved and YouTube gained popularity masstamilan, it changed the culture of the music industry. Instead of spending millions of dollars on television advertising, musicians were able to create a limited budget video for the same price as a single TV show on MTV.

YouTube’s success has caused other sites to follow suit. In atozmp3 2008, the video site became the hub of music distribution. For the first time, YouTube had surpassed rival Soundcloud in the number of video views per minute. Currently, YouTube is the largest music library in the world. However, not all labels have the same attitude towards music videos. Some view them as free advertising, while others see them as a product.

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