Do College Football Games Take Longer Than an NFL Game?

Do college football games take longer than NFL games? Several factors can explain the difference. For instance, in the NFL, a touchdown or turnover is automatically reviewed, while in college, two plays are automatically reviewed. This means that college games take more time to review. As a result, the NFL’s clock runs faster than college games, but the pace of play is slower. This can also affect how long a game takes.

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The answer to this question depends on who you ask. The NFL average game is three hours and four minutes long, while a college game is usually about three hours and 24 minutes. Despite the difference in playing time, both NFL and college games run on the same 60-minute regulation game clock. Coaches at universities across the country disagree. Some even think that college games are longer. Those opposed to the change would have their own reasons for arguing for shorter games.

College football games are significantly longer than their NFL counterparts. While the NFL and NBA are both notoriously long, the Big Ten average game is only three hours and 22 minutes longer. Fortunately, conference officials are working to cut down game times to make them more competitive. The 20-minute halftime will no longer be 23 or 24 minutes long; rather, it will be reset after the teams have finished their interviews and cleared the field.

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