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Education Reform – The New National Standard?

The question is, can education reform really improve the quality of our nation’s schools? There are several ways to measure the quality of a school system. One common way is to measure student outcomes. Whether or not educational standards are effective depends on what the student achieves. For example, some students do not achieve the expected levels of reading and math skill. In some cases, they may be unable to read even a sentence or understand a single paragraph.

A centralized national standard gives students an accurate picture of what they should know and what they should be doing, as well as provide benchmarks for their progress. This argument has been made by those who believe that inconsistent assessment tests do not give a comprehensive picture of the performance of schools. Instead, a national system would enable states to share educational practices and experiences. That would be an improvement in education. But, what if the new standards did not meet these goals?

Some argue that education reform is important to ensuring the survival of a culture in a global economy. This is based on the belief that high standards of curricular excellence will help a country survive in a competitive global market. The influence of business leaders, parents, and politicians are also powerful in American schools. In such a climate, teaching professionals are better equipped to deal with diverse groups and balance the needs of varying student populations. Thus, it is necessary to involve all stakeholders in an effective reform effort.

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