How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Flooded Engine?

There are various signs that your engine has been flooded. It will smell gas and give off darker smoke. If you experience trouble starting the engine, it is highly likely that your engine has been flooded. You can try to open the hood and let the excess fuel disperse. Avoid pressing the gas pedal until the excess fuel has evaporated. You can also try to let the engine run without pushing the gas pedal for a few minutes. This will help the air flow in.

The damage caused by water in a car’s engine can be severe. If the water reaches the bottom of the car’s doors, you must stop driving the vehicle immediately. A flooded engine can lead to transmission and electrical failure. Salty water also causes rust, and it is common along Australian coastlines. Drying the engine bay alone won’t fix any damage, and your car may not start at all.

The cost of fixing a flooded engine depends on the type of car you drive, its manufacturing year, and the extent of the damage. Unless the engine has been completely destroyed, you should consider scrapping the car instead of repairing it. However, if the damage is minimal, you can often fix it yourself by draining it and replacing filters. It will cost you around PS500 for a simple engine drain and other repairs.

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