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Splendor is an award-winning board game for two to four players that allows them to become Renaissance jewellery merchants competing to produce the most valuable gems. They build mines, transportation networks and shops judi online to gain prestige points while simultaneously trying to gain powerful patrons who will increase their renown even further.

Digital versions make reserving cards simpler by showing only cards and gold tokens instead of players’ avatars; simply clicking on one you wish to reserve will bring it directly into your hand.

Scatter symbols

Once you hit three or more scatter symbols, the Dragon’s Splendor bonus round will begin. Similar to free spins but with higher payouts. A Sarcophagus symbol appears during this feature and can appear anywhere except on reel 1. Additionally, its size expands with each spin!

The goal of the game is to gain 15 prestige points by collecting noble tiles and development cards with printed numbers on them; you may also earn bonus points by inviting visiting nobles into your play area. Setup of the game may differ depending on player count; however, gems and gold tokens remain consistent.

Bonus rounds

Splendor is an award-winning strategy board game for families that places players into Renaissance jewellers competing for glory and splendour. Easy to learn with lots of engaging inter-player interaction that keeps players coming back for more, this game can be completed within 30 minutes by two to four players.

Players compete to craft Renaissance Europe’s most sought-after jewellery by mining raw gems, developing mines, purchasing transportation and artisans, attracting wealthy patrons, and opening storefronts with ruby red storefronts – ultimately earning the most prestige points and becoming victorious! The player with the highest prestige points wotpost wins.

Place one of your five noble tiles into the play area so that all other players can see it, then separate development cards into three piles by level (represented by white numbers in the top left corner) with each card worth its printed circle value.


RTP stands for Return-to-Player, and represents an estimated amount that players can expect to win from slot machines over time. While RTP provides an estimate, individual results may differ; knowing your odds of success can help manage your bankroll more wisely and ensure responsible gaming.

This popular strategy game challenges two to four players to build Renaissance Europe’s most profitable and prestigious jewelry business. They must mine raw gems, purchase mining technology, acquire artisans to polish them, open storefronts where wealthy patrons can shop their creations – and earn the most prestige possible before opening another storefront for wealthy patrons to shop their jewels! Whoever achieves the most prestige is victorious; thus making this game highly engaging due to both rapid strategic thinking and intense interpersonal competition!

House of Fun Quest

House of Fun Quest stands apart from traditional slot machines by being free-to-play and offering players a chance to collect bonuses and rewards every day, plus participate in social media promotions and events to maximize rewards even further.

House of Fun’s app also provides hourly bonuses that can help build coin balance and level up by completing quests or challenges, providing players with even more chances to claim additional bonuses.

One drawback of House of Fun is its lack of an official rewards system like other social casino games; however, House of Fun still provides numerous perks to players who keep playing, including generous daily and hourly bonuses as well as access to multiple slot machines.

HoF Voyage

House of Fun Voyage challenges players with various missions that involve combat, puzzles, or exploring the world. When successful completing these missions, rewards may become available; however these rewards cannot be guaranteed.

Since 2014, when this game was created by Marc Andre and illustrated by Pascal Quidault and published, over one million copies have been sold worldwide – as well as multiple expansions and variants being added over time.


Each player in the base game acts as a jewel merchant of Renaissance Europe competing to be the first to produce the most luxurious jewellery. To do this, they collect raw gems, purchase developments and attract noble patrons while collecting raw gems themselves – this process being accomplished through collecting raw gems, purchasing developments and attracting noble patrons; each development card falls into one of three levels representing its difficulty to acquire.

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