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Is JYP the Best Out of the Big 3 Companies?

As the youngest member of the Big 3 companies, I can see how the new members of JYP could end up stealing the show. The group has never sounded better, and their return to the music industry bore new material in both Japanese and Korean. JYP is not a company known for sticking with its older acts, but they have done well with the members of 2PM.

While SM and YG have the largest number of subsidiaries, they have been able to balance their global reach with local success by focusing more strategically on the Japanese market. In recent years, Park Jin Young has been credited with establishing a system of producers within the company to ensure consistency in album quality. He also has significantly reduced his role as a producer in the company, which prevents a drop in quality between albums.

While JYP is not the most profitable of the Big 3 entertainment companies in Korea, it still remains one of the most popular and successful. While its current idols may not stand out as much as their predecessors, they are still immensely popular. Rumors suggest that it will release a girl group and boy group this year. However, these new idols are unlikely to have massive fanclubs or hit singles.

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YG has also suffered from a slump in its main business. Artist management was a huge area of focus for YG. It recorded 17.6 billion KRW in 2018 while recording business profits of $15.7 million. YG’s new artists, such as BLACKPINK, are expected to do well in the coming years. Furthermore, the debut of Loud, a popular SBS audition program, is another boon for JYP.

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