Which Celebrity Might We Lose Soon?

Which celebrity might we lose soon? The question is becoming more relevant and urgent as more people contract the COVID-19 virus. Though some have recovered, others have succumbed to the deadly condition. One recent death is that of Kelly Preston, a four-time Tony Award-winning playwright. The actress passed away on July 12, 2020, at her home in Anthony, Florida. Her three children, Benjamin, Jett, and Ella Bleu, tragically passed away in 2009, which led to speculation that she might have been suffering from COVID-19.

Among the many celebrities who may not make it to the end of their careers is Wonder Woman. The film’s line-up was baffling, with only a few musicians to help make the music, which was tone-deaf and a 50-year-old song. The story has also inspired a New York Times article, “Celebrity Culture is Burning,” by Amanda Hess, which explores the possibility that a global pandemic will destroy the cult of celebrity.

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