Why Do People Buy Food Stamps From Others Who Get Them?

Many Americans purchase food stamps from others who receive them, even if they don’t need them. Food stamps can buy nearly $100 worth of groceries, but they can’t buy prenatal vitamins, diapers, toilet paper, or garbage bags. They’re also worthless for paying for the utilities. But despite their benefits, people buy them anyway, because they hate the poor, or fear they’ll become poor. This mindset comes from our core values of mendacity and judgment.

It’s possible for people without SNAP benefits to purchase up to $20 worth of food from other SNAP participants. However, this would only represent a tiny percentage of the population. Even so, it would show how much people care about food stamps and the way their tax dollars are spent. That’s why they buy food stamps from others who get them. So, how can we make food stamps work better for people who need them?

The economy in the U.S. is not working for everyone. Income inequality is at a 100-year high, and nearly 40% of Americans could not cover $400 of expenses in case of an emergency. One-in-four have no retirement savings. With rising costs and lower wages, food stamp participation will increase. But food stamp recipients are not lazy, nor are they relying on welfare.

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The system works only when the recipients are genuinely poor. Food stamp recipients who have enough money to buy groceries are also able to circumvent the system by selling them to other people who need them. The exchange process is simple, as long as the customer agrees and has the cash. Elvin Singh, owner of Cheese Bakery & Grocery in Manhattan, said that these people should be stopped.

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