Need a Montgomery divorce lawyer? Ask these five questions

Most of us rely on professionals and experts for advice on many aspects. Your divorce is the most testing time of your life, and it only makes sense that you seek the inputs of a lawyer. Filing for divorce in Montgomery or anywhere in Alabama doesn’t have to be complicated. However, with an attorney on your side, you will have little to worry about. More importantly, you have an advocate who will fight for your interests. If you are hiring a Montgomery divorce lawyer, here are five questions you must ask.  

“What is your primary area of practice?”

You don’t need any lawyer but someone who practices family law in Montgomery. You need to ask how often they deal with divorces and related matters such as child custody, child support, and alimony. Find an attorney who is based in your county so that they are aware of the legal system and how things work in local courts. The experience of an attorney is everything and should triumph over other aspects.

“How much will you charge for your time?”

Most law firms don’t charge an hourly rate for an uncontested divorce, but it also depends on the complexities of the case. If you and your spouse have sorted out most of the crucial issues, you shouldn’t have to pay huge to your attorney. Contested divorces are more time-consuming, and lawyers may take an hourly rate and a retainer fee for such cases

“What is your usual approach to mediation?”

While you want a divorce lawyer who is ready to fight for your rights, you should not prefer litigation. When you look for lawyers, figure out their approach and whether they tilt towards mediation. An attorney who wants to resolve conflict should be your first choice, which will help you save on expenses related to the divorce.

“How can I communicate with you?”

Your lawyer should be accessible and available when required, and many law firms have a dedicated team of paralegals to attend calls, emails, and text messages. A lawyer should give you an update as soon as they can but must also be open to taking questions

“How can I minimize the costs?”

A good lawyer will want the client to save money. Ask the attorney about the best ways to keep the divorce expenses in check and whether you can consider other means of resolving conflict with your spouse to avoid a trial.

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